Thursday, 15 February 2018

Bassfest Live

Randomly found this video of Bassfest streamed live in May 2017 and thought it useful as a guide to what could be happening in Bassline at the moment. The early warm up DJs and audience seem quite nerdy and internetty but once Chef and Jamie Duggan get on they drop some serious bangers and a more varied audience appears. What surprised me was the DJ after Jamie Duggan called Darkzy who I hadn't heard of before. I may be wrong but his sound is different to what went before both that night and in general in the Bassline scene.

0 mins: Deadbeat b2b JG
57 mins: Phatworld b2b Thorpey 
1hr 41 mins: DJ Chef
2hr 9 mins: Jamie Duggan 
2hr 38 mins: Darkzy 
3hr 9 mins: Skepsis
3hr 40 mins: DJ Q

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