Saturday, 24 February 2018

Flava D

Recently saw Flava D perform on a night out for a friend’s birthday. Was a top night from the bits I can remember! Went a bit hard on the drinks so don’t have a detailed memory of what happened but I do remember dancing non-stop till 5am. This video is a recording from another show she did in London in October last year. She played a lot of the tunes in this video when I saw her and I’ve been searching out most of these style of beats since then. When finding these tunes and loading them into my DJ software I’ve noticed that a lot of what was played is much slower bpm-wise than the traditional Bassline (and Grime) bpm of 140. While anything slower than 140 bpm with a Bassline style might previously have been denoted as Jackin’ by nerds like me the difference now is that the tunes being played by Flava D and others are pretty much full-on Bassline just at a slower tempo. Jackin’ was more of a House style with a Bassline twist to it. Would be interested to find out more about how this slowing down of Bassline occurred.

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